Month: December 2018

In Your Relationships, Worry is not Love

Yesterday was a day full of insight and contradiction. I got a text from a friend who had apparently reached out to me a number of times without getting a response. She said, “I haven’t heard back and I’m worried.”
I get it.
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Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog, we wrote about how to be present in your life and relationship. Here are some interesting perspectives on presence.
Freedom Is Being Present “We live two lives: we live life in our thoughts and we live life as our experience of the present moment.
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How to Be Present in Your Life and Relationship

Many people, both famous and obscure, have written about having an enlightenment experience. In describing this, being present is always mentioned, so it is easy to infer that it too requires some great epiphany.
Yet being present is not that inaccessible, and to see why, it helps to look at its contrasts, the past and the future.
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