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Do You Fight About the Little Things in Your Relationship? Or Which Way Does the Toilet Paper Go?

We wrote last week about core values and how they are fundamental to a successful relationship. This week, we want to talk about how to handle the small things in life, like which way the toilet roll goes or the best route to drive to the store.
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How to Reach Agreement Without Compromise

There are many methods for solving problems and making decisions that couples employ. One of the more popular ones is compromise. This can be a good technique for avoiding conflict for many relationships. Instead of digging your heels in and refusing to yield an inch, it works by trading off.
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Acceptance Does Not Mean Compromise

Often when people think about the issue of acceptance, they think it is about compromise. Compromise is an act of giving up something to get something else. It assumes that there are different sides, and that one must settle in order to avoid conflict.
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