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What’s at the Core of Your Relationship?

We’ve talked about the importance of having aligned core values for a successful relationship. Breaking this down further, you can think of core values at two levels: universal and individual.
Universal core values are based on the understanding that we are all related, all equal, all brothers and sisters.
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Can This Relationship Work? Learn More About the Spectrum of Acceptance

In our last blogs we’ve been talking about the Spectrum of Acceptance and Core Values which lie at one end of the spectrum.
Next on the spectrum are the areas of middle ground. These are places of divergence between you and your partner that have the potential of resolution.
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Core Values and The Spectrum of Acceptance

Along with a discussion of core values, it is important to talk about The Spectrum of Acceptance. When we talk about successful relationships, we describe actions and values as lying along a spectrum. At one end of this spectrum are your deal breakers; areas of meaning and value that you consider to be core to your life.
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Core Values

For a relationship to work really well, both people must hold the same deep seated beliefs; if they truly don’t, then some time, somewhere, one person will shock and horrify the other with their behavior.
Two economists might both see the world in transactional terms, where everything has a value, leisure time and work time are tradeoffs, and there is an opportunity cost to everything from love to diapers.
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