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Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog, we asked what do you reap when you take a leap in your relationship? Here are several different ways of looking at that question.
Conscious Relationships: A Path for Growth and Personal Transformation “A conscious relationship comprises a path for growth and personal transformation that is seen by some as a spiritual calling.
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What Do You Reap When You Take a Leap in Your Relationship?


Transformation literally means going beyond your form – Wayne Dyer
Recently we went to a talk by Anne Lamott. The venue holds a couple of thousand people and the place was filled to the rafters. Anne gave a wonderful talk filled with personal revelations, sharing of her journey and lots of great humor, often pointed at herself.
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How to Transform Your Relationship and Live in the Present

In order to experience the kind of peace filled and passionate relationships we describe, it is necessary to go through a transformation. But what do we mean by this kind of transformation and how do you get there?
It is an experience that, however subtly, actually changes your viewpoint.
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