Month: May 2012

Individuality Within Relationship

One of the keys to our peaceful and joyful way of relating is that we accept and respect each other as two separate absolutely unique individuals. We do not confuse our identities, which is a common occurrence in many relationships. As we practice being in the present with each other, we are more apt to experience what is actually there, rather than something we have created in our minds.
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Union Mystifies Me

After all this time I am still mystified about union. There are many clues that our experience is not unique, e.g. “shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh“, but the modern world-view has no room for a consciousness that transcends my individual body.
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Approach Decision Making and Problem Solving With Joy

I was so pleased with the photo of the two children you selected for our article on “How to Make Joint Decisions Without Conflict” , but I wasn’t really sure why. Then it hit me. They were so filled with joy, and an obvious pleasure in being together.
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Meanings and Values – Our Bedrock

I agree with you that one of the main reasons for our lack of conflict is that we agree on the ground rules. We have a consonance of meanings and values. That is the bedrock of our relationship. These are not seen in agreement on the little things of habit and behavior, but rather in the underlying truths that motivate each of us.
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A Prerequisite of Our Process

We wrote about our process without explaining the basis on which it rests. That basis is a shared view of the world – how to treat it and how to deal with it. Morality or ethics, if you will. This is important, because when this is the case, differences of opinion are not threatening; they only concern the best way to achieve our goals.
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How to Make Joint Decisions Without Conflict

How do you and your partner handle decision-making and problem-solving? For most people, these activities are often a source of tension and conflict, rather than an opportunity for a creative experience together. These sessions frequently feel like duels over who is right, and produce little in the way of mutual satisfaction or inspired solutions.
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