Month: May 2015

The One I Love

We watched The One I Love last night. It is the story of a troubled couple who go away for a weekend to repair their marriage. The film shows each of the partners vacillating between their open accepting self and their defended suspicious self, and makes the destructive nature of the latter very clear.
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Audio Sneak Peek

Home audio studio

We’ve added an audio version to the sneak peek of our upcoming book*. Sign up for our newsletter and listen to it today.
* It almost has a name! We’re in the final stages of picking it. Edit: It’s “How Two: Have a Successful Relationship“
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How to Share Mindblowing Intimacy With Your Partner

Michael Russer gave a great TEDx talk on extraordinary intimacy.

One of the chapters in our upcoming book is “Sex, Intimacy and Union“, and when I met with Michael this week, we compared our experiences. The similarities are uncanny. In our respective relationships, we both have a sense of union; of having EXACTLY the same experience as our partner; of each time being unique and going further than ever before.
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