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Spreading Peace One Relationship at a Time
Do You Always Have to Be Right?

What is it about being right? Why are we all so obsessed with the need for it? Is this really what we want in a relationship, in a conversation, when making decisions and finding solutions? Being right – it’s the cause of most arguments. Read more in our new blog post.

Relationship Reading Corner
Here are some articles on being right.

Being Right or Being in Relationship: Which Do You Choose? "A person who is more interested in being right will focus on what they are not getting from another person, and spend their time and energies attempting to communicate their unmet needs.  A person whose greater interest is being in relationship will focus more on understanding what the other person’s need are, and in learning more about how they can assist the other person in meeting those needs."

Saving your relationship by letting go of the need to always be right "Being right is like an addictive drug. You always need more of it in order to feel satisfied. But the feeling of peace and harmony that comes from surrendering this primitive drive to be right can lead to a lifetime of joy in your personal relationships."

Why People In Happy Relationships Don’t Worry About Being Right "Learning how to make joint decisions about these marital issues can be difficult: The goal is that both people come out of the conversation feeling respected and heard. Most couples are unsure about how to have such conversations because they focus on the content versus the emotional needs of their partner during difficult conversations."
Kit and Kat, the Relationship Experts
Here's the new episode of Kit and Kat, the relationship experts. Give it a like and leave a comment on youtube.
Spreading peace one relationship at a time,
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