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Drama, an all too familiar word in many relationships.
“I can’t keep on with this relationship – just too much drama!”
“We really love each other, but there is always so much drama. I wish we could find another way.”
“We have a lot of drama in our relationship, but it shows we both are really involved.”
“We know we care because we each have such strong feelings about everything.”

Yes, there are many ways to react to drama within your relationship, but whatever it means to you, it is a common experience for many. When people talk about drama in their interactions, they are usually referring to heated arguments, anger, recriminations and varying events that cause a feeling of distance between the partners.

Why do these type of interactions persist, and is there another way to have a juicy relationship without the rush of drama?

Pianos on State Street is ending today. It is an annual week-long event where pianos decorated by artists are left outside all over State Street. Passersby happen upon them and start playing.

From idea to implementation, we find it to be a wonderful celebration of life. Here's a video Phil shot of the event several years ago.

Successful Relationship Reading Corner
In this week's blog we asked whether you can avoid drama in your relationship. We found many different approaches to this question, so we have more links than usual this week. Hope you enjoy them!

7 Crucial Steps to Minimize Drama in Your Life "For a long time, I lamented all the damaging relationships I’d been in, as if I was some kind of victim who always got the short end of the stick. Then one day I realized there was a reason I always found myself in dramatic relationships: I was attracted to drama like a moth to a flame."

How To Avoid Drama In Your Relationship "We talk a lot about “drama” when it comes to relationships and how to avoid it. Drama – in this case, unnecessary or manufactured conflict – is frequently the boogieman of dating; ... But we rarely ever stop to think that we might be the ones causing drama."

Drama "One way to look at drama in relationships is with a model called the Karpman Drama Triangle. The model has three 'triangle roles' --Victim, Rescuer, and Persecutor--and by implication, one 'non-triangling role, the 'adult'."

Deeper Dating: Passion Without The Drama "Many of us have wasted years in relationships whose hallmarks were conflict and drama.... As we get older, however, melodrama becomes increasingly less acceptable, and compatibility and kindness begin to look more and more desirable. But this doesn’t mean the end of adventure. We can have and enjoy the deep thrills of romantic love and the comfort of stability at the same time."

Breaking the Addiction to Drama in Your Relationships "What we often dismiss as “drama” is actually unprocessed pain. If you or your love seem to have an addiction to drama, this is your chance to get clean."

Spreading peace one relationship at a time,
Phil and Maude
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