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Spreading Peace One Relationship at a Time
How to Avoid Trouble in Your Relationship: Don’t Keep Score!

Making lists and keeping score are really bad things to do in a relationship. In an argument, they get used as ammunition – “Well, you did X last Thursday.” They often have little to do with the original complaint, so the initial skirmish rapidly becomes an entire battlefront, and the one with the longest list and the surest aim will win. The original grievance may get lost amongst all the collateral damage. Read more in our latest blog post and leave a comment on the page. We also wrote a separate guest post on this topic at Digital Romance:

How Making “Lists” Could Be HURTING Your Relationship
 Read our guest post at Digital Romance and add a comment there.
Relationship Reading Corner
We have found some great articles on making lists and keeping score.

Why Keeping Score In Relationships Doesn't Work "Keeping score is a 'me-centered' way of operating, by which you're elevating your role in the relationship to a place of superiority. And if you're 'up,' then your partner has only one place to land: down."

The Problem With Keeping Score In A Relationship"Keeping score is a behavior that will quickly unravel a relationship. It begins innocently enough, but it ends with huge fights, lots of resentment and plenty of hostility."

5 Relationship Lists You Must Make Lists of what is important to you can be a great help when forming a relationship. This article offers many important things to consider.
Our Experts Kit and Kat Weigh In on Making Lists and Keeping Score
Spreading peace one relationship at a time,
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