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What makes a relationship really work? Are there common factors in successful relationships? We have been asking ourselves and numerous other couples these very questions for years. One thread that sees to be present in all the long term happy relationships that we have encountered is the aspect of individuality and how it plays a role with couples.

It seems that in the most fulfilled relationships, the partners have a deep commitment to sharing intimacy and personal time together where nothing else is occurring but being with each other, and at the same time they have strong individual lives. These couples support each other in developing their own personal growth and in being complete and separate individuals.

What goes into living in this way?

Book Report
Special request: To those of you who've bought the book, we'd appreciate a review on Amazon. It helps so much with getting the book out there! (If you know us personally, please don't mention that, as Amazon blocks reviews from friends.)

We've recently been involved with a wonderful project that we want to share here and recommend to you. It's called I Declare World Peace, and sets out to be the largest art installation ever, to be installed not in some physical location, or even in cyberspace but rather within the consciousness of every person on the planet, a sort of "Gates of the Mind". Each person will hold a "flag" in his or her mind, which collectively will change the history of the world. The "flag" is I Declare World Peace, expressed in the language of the thinker.

One part of this is a series of videos, which are fun and easy to make, of people affirming "I Declare World Peace." We encourage you all to join in and make one. Ours are below:

Successful Relationship Reading Corner
This week's blog was on balancing intimacy and individual time, and we have some good articles on that this week:

Relationship Success: Balancing Togetherness and Individuality "A client of mine — during our initial consultation — said the following: “Here’s my issue. When I’m in a relationship, I invest so much of myself into maintaining romance and intimacy that I forget who I am as an individual. How can I balance my personal identity with my identity as a couple?"

Balancing Time Together vs. Apart "But if you think you want to try to have a happier, more satisfying experience of a relationship with another person, it might be worth considering: What kind of time do you need alone? What kind of time do you want together? How can you let the other person know what you need/want?"

Surprise! The REAL Secret To A Great Marriage ... Is Time Alone "Stop the presses! We've discovered the most important ingredient of a successful marriage! And do you know what it is? The answer is . . . (drum roll, please) . . . alone time!"

Spreading peace one relationship at a time,
Phil and Maude
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