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Are you still in the dark times after a relationship breakup? Are you struggling with what happened or who did what? Do the echoes of your past relationship still come back to haunt you? These challenging times that we all face in the aftermath of a breakup can be the very source of a successful relationship.

You may ask “What do you mean? How can this be the source of anything good? I don’t want to feel this way!”

We know it’s hard to see anything positive at such a time, but these very times can be the fertile ground where you create the ingredients for a peaceful passionate relationship. This is an opportunity to review what occurred, not in terms of blame and guilt (which are never productive of anything), but rather in terms of getting to know yourself better, coming to understand what your core values actually are, and creating a personal understanding that will allow a relationship to flourish.

You may not see it in such a light, but there is a tremendous amount to learn from a failed relationship. The first reaction may only be pain, but the second response is usually the question why, and the initial response is usually blame – what the other person did or didn’t do. That’s an excellent way to remain stuck in the past and not take responsibility for any part of the separation. Instead, use what happened to learn what you do and don’t want from a relationship.

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Successful Relationship Reading Corner
This week's blog was on what you can take away from a breakup in order to improve your next relationship. We hope you enjoy these.

Breakups and new relationships offer opportunities to break old habits "New relationships also offer the opportunity to go down a different path and this is much easier to do when you have the self-awareness that comes with being willing to learn from the insights gained from your prior relationships. With each relationship you get to understand you a bit more and where you also need to step up for yourself to ensure that you’re representing your needs, expectations and wishes."

People Who Go Through Painful Breakups End Up Stronger And Happier "It’s funny — they say that which does not kill you, makes you stronger. I don’t know if that statement can be applied more realistically to anything than a breakup. A number of studies indicate that we’re able to overcome such hardship and learn from those painful experiences in life, ultimately becoming stronger, healthier individuals."

7 Surprising Lessons I Learnt from my Recent Breakup "Love isn’t enough. Your core values must align too. This was a difficult one for me to swallow. Love isn’t enough. If your core values don’t match, then it’s unlikely that the relationship will be successful."

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