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Often when asked about the important factors to relationship success, we mention active listening. Many people may not really understand what this is. In short, it’s how to really hear what the other person is saying. You might think you do that all the time already, but odds are you can do better. Active listening involves a number of components that make it a strong part of feeling accepted and appreciated in a relationship.

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Successful Relationship Reading Corner
This week's blog was on how to improve your relationship with active Listening, and here are some interesting articles about that:

How To Get Heard In Your Relationships: The Power Of Active Listening "There is nothing worse than not feeling heard. You’ve probably encountered a bad listener at a party, at work, or even in your personal life. It’s the person who continues to talk without pausing for you to get a word in, and when you do finally get the chance they don’t ask any follow-up questions because they probably didn’t even hear what you said."

Practicing Active Listening Can Improve Your Relationship "Often partners are convinced that they are excellent listeners. However, when asked, many partners are unable to give an adequate summary of what their partner was saying. Partners aren’t always conscious of their tendency to plan what they are going to say next."

How to Relearn Listening to Your Spouse "When you have been married for a long time, you may start to wonder what happened to the strong, communicative relationship you used to have. Perhaps you have endured too many fights and accusations that you don't listen anymore. There are steps you can take to regain your ability and desire to listen to your spouse."

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