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Are there things we haven’t noticed that go into our sharing of this wonderful and conflict free experience?” asked Phil.

We just cruise along, day after day, week after week, without any hint of friction or tension. It’s a wonderful experience, and one that we still marvel at each day. We’ve explored this by writing blogs and books that share what is involved in having a peaceful relationship because we feel so strongly that this experience is available to most of you. We’ve discussed what those factors are for us; a key part of this is the way we process disagreements by talking personally. By clarifying each person’s wants and needs we can always find a mutual solution.

In reflecting on Phil’s question, we’ve come to realize that although the two big rules are to believe it is possible, and to practice it all the time (what we’ve called belief and intention), there are also many little things we do that help keep us in harmony.

Book Report
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"As you read along you recognize that peaceful feeling that comes from the sharing of loving acceptance, and you know that that’s where you want to be. Phil and Maude paint a picture of what that means by sharing views of their relationship from a variety of vantage points, and you come away with the thought that anyone can have this experience of peace if they can open themselves to it." — Dr. Les Elkind

Here's a video we did for the first book. (once you're there, subscribe to our channel.)

Successful Relationship Reading Corner
In this week's blog we wrote about the small things in your relationship that might be overlooked. Here are several articles about the little things that count.

8 Little Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your Relationship "...little things could enhance your relationship in many ways: They can increase intimacy and are non-verbal ways to express your love. They’re also simple ways to show your significant other some gratitude and can help strengthen your bond. Here are eight ways to turn a good relationship into one that is even more exciting and passionate."

The Little Things That Matter In Every Relationship "In this self-centered world, it’s hard to keep a romantic relationship going strong. Break-ups happen often for no reason at all, or a reason that could have been overcome if only there was a will to do so. Sometimes, it’s the small things that keeps a couple together for a long time.  Here are 10 little things that matter in every relationship."

Relationship tip: It’s the little things that count "there are eight little things that can make a big difference in a marriage to keep the spark ignited.... a few small actions practiced by couples daily can be a game changer for the better."

Spreading peace one relationship at a time,
Phil and Maude
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