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Why is Empathy Important in Your Relationship?

Would you like a relationship with affinity, appreciation, being on the same wavelength, being there for someone, communion, a community of interests, compassion, comprehension, concord, good vibrations, hitting it off, insight, rapport, recognition, responsiveness, soul, sympathy and warmth? That's empathy for you.

It means the ability to understand and share the feeling of another. If we are to feel connected to each other, then we must be able to experience empathy. Without it, we would treat everyone else as a competitor for resources. Think of it as being on a scale: at one end, you are a lone wolf, treating everyone else as a competitor for resources; at the other end, you are a saint.

You can’t have a personal relationship without it. It helps you solve issues and make choices that work for both of you.

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Successful Relationship Reading Corner


In this week's blog, we asked why is empathy important in your relationship? These articles share interesting studies and viewpoints on this topic.

The Power of Empathy in Romantic Relationships & How to Enhance It "“Empathy is truly the heart of the relationship,” said Carin Goldstein, a licensed marriage and family therapist. “Without it, the relationship will struggle to survive.” That’s because empathy requires compassion. And, without compassion, couples can’t develop a bond. “[A] bond is like glue: If there is no glue then everything falls apart.”"

6 Ways to Nurture Empathy in Intimate Relationships "Having empathy applies to all walks of life and professions, from romance, friendships, parenting to politics. In his early research, Carl Rogers defined empathy as perceiving the internal frame of another person. He said that maintaining an empathetic way involves being sensitive moment by moment to the changing felt meanings that flow in the other person. “It means temporarily living in the other’s life, moving about in it delicately without making judgements; it means sensing meanings of which he or she is scarcely aware, but not trying to uncover totally unconscious feelings…”"

9 Ways To Be More Empathetic To Your Partner & Feel More Connected, According To Experts "To have a healthy, strong relationship, it's important for you and your partner to feel deeply connected with each other. While it may be easier to maintain this during the honeymoon phase, being vulnerable in your relationship and finding ways to be more empathetic to your partner can help with strengthening that emotional bond. Being empathetic means you're aware of someone's emotions from their perspective; you feel what they feel. Although it's important to be empathetic in every personal connection you have, it's vital to maintaining a long-lasting romantic relationship with your partner."

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