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We Wish you Love and Peace Today and Every Day!

Well, the day of hearts and love has rolled around and we wanted to take a moment to send all of you our love and our wishes for peace in your lives and in your relationships.

A little Valentine story for you all:

The photo above is of a necklace that Phil gave Maude as an engagement present. His father gave it to his mother, who wore it as a pin. Phil’s sisters (who are 7 and 10 years younger than him), looking up at it from the height of little girls, called it the owl pin. We call it “Two hearts that beat as one”, and it symbolizes our union.

May we reach the day when we all feel love and peace flowing in a circle from our hearts to all those around us and back again.

To that end and with our love,
Phil and Maude

Spreading peace one relationship at a time
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