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Spreading Peace One Relationship at a Time
There are many things that contribute to a successful relationship. One of the most important is a sense of being connected to your partner, of being intimate. When you actually experience union within your relationship, it makes most issues seem workable and it helps you to be open and undefended. Although sexuality is not the only means to the experience of union, it is a primal one. Once you have direct knowledge of union, you will be more apt to seek it in other ways in your relationship.
Successful Relationship Reading Corner
In this week's blog article we wrote about sex, intimacy and union. It was difficult finding articles that talked about the whole issue. Here are some articles that touch on various aspects of this trinity.

Intimacy and Relationships "Emotional intimacy doesn't automatically occur with sexual intimacy, as people who are sexually involved may still be unable or choose not to share their innermost thoughts and feelings."

How Does Sex Differ from Intimacy? "Are sex and intimacy different things? Can you have one without the other? Or does one lead to another?"

Sexuality and Marital Intimacy "Too often couples are embarrassed to ask questions, to discuss likes and dislikes – everyone assumes they are supposed to know how to be good lovers, but how can you be unless you are able to talk about it. Of course, this includes the after as well, because the issue I’m addressing here is finding out what works and what doesn’t IN THIS RELATIONSHIP."
Book Report
We heard back from our cover designers! Above are our three favorites. They all need some changes, but these are the basic designs. What do you think? Click here to let us know.

Spreading peace one relationship at a time,
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