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Have you felt completely accepted by someone in your life? Do you know how the experience of full acceptance changes you?

Many people do not have any frame of reference to understand these questions. The relationships in their life have taught them to be defended and withholding. They are always on the look out to fend off criticism and correction.

That is why we feel it is so important to share and discuss what total acceptance can bring into a relationship, and what it looks and feels like. We are aware that this is a radical viewpoint, and yet if you want to truly change the world and the way people relate to each other, then some radical changes need to take place.

There is a prevailing viewpoint that suggests that you can balance criticisms and injuries within a relationship by having a proper balance, like 5 to 1. Our view on this is that negative interactions do not have any constructive use. Even if it’s true that if you dilute a poison sufficiently, it won’t kill you, that still doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

And here’s where our more radical approach comes in. We know from our own personal experience that it is possible to practice 100% acceptance. And we do mean 100%! Anything less (even 99%) will not create the situation and the results we are talking about.

If you want to know what 100% involves, click here to find out.

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Successful Relationship Reading Corner
This week's blog is on the need for total acceptance in a successful relationship. Here's a variety of viewpoints on this topic.

Acceptance: The Foundation of Lasting Relationships "Relating is simply about acceptance of the other and commitment to that person above all else, including what we want. Acceptance is recognizing the other person for who he or she is and being attentive to the circumstances of the relationship moment by moment."

Acceptance: The Key to a Happy Marriage "Acceptance also takes maturity. It is the mature person who grasps that just because someone is different, that doesn’t mean there is something wrong with them."

It is what it is…. 3 Ways to learn Total Acceptance "Learning to practice acceptance can drastically improve our outlook on our current state of affairs.  And not just any old acceptance, but TOTAL ACCEPTANCE."

Spreading peace one relationship at a time,
Phil and Maude
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