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What Are Core Values, and What Are Yours? Part II

MAUDE: We started a two-part blog on core values last week. In this second installment, Phil and I want to share with you our personal meanings and values – what they are for each of us. I have thought about this and looked to see if there are answers to this critical topic that I haven’t shared with you in the past.

We have covered many aspects of this both in our blogs and in our latest book, “How Two: Have a Successful Relationship”. Lately I find myself looking for the underlying or bedrock understandings that are the root of whatever I am discussing....

PHIL: It’s hard to write about core values in crisp, black-and-white words because of the order in which we came to realize this. It was as a result of getting on so well and then looking at the reasons that we saw that holding the same underlying values was a part of this.

Click here for the whole blog. Includes audio!

Peace and Relationship Workers

In last week's blog, we shared quotes from one of the couples we interviewed for "How Two: Have a Successful Relationship". For anyone lucky enough to be in So. California, international speakers and authors on advanced human sexuality and relationships, Michael Russer & Jacqueline Lopez are presenting a wonderful free evening on Return to Sex & Intimacy For Cancer Survivors and their Partners (And for anyone else interested in having extraordinary relationships). We highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity. Michael and Jacqueline will be bringing out their book "Return to Sex & Intimacy" in January 2017.

You might also enjoy a recent article from Michael: "How to Really Connect with Your Partner and Other Human Beings"

A favorite peaceworker of ours, Dr. Gail Brenner, has just done an interview for Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio, which also features Marianne Williamson. As always, it's a delight to listen to Gail, and we know you'll enjoy this interview. We have written about Gail's inspiring work in one of our Friday Features.


Successful Relationship Reading Corner

In this week's blog we continued our discussion of core values; here are some really interesting articles on this topic. We think you'll enjoy them.

What Core Values Mean to Love "Core values form the foundation on which we live and conduct ourselves.  When we’re in alignment with our core values, we know the direction our life is heading and what’s important to us.  We experience more peace, self confidence and well-being. Without core values, we find ourselves drifting from relationship to relationship or staying in unhealthy relationships and never really feeling fulfilled."

Personal core values help focus and align your life choices "Choosing your personal core values is one of the critical focusing decisions that can make an amazing difference in how you live your life. As a person, they reflect the fundamental choices of who we want to be. In our network of connected decisions, they provide the goals and criteria that should influence all our other personal decisions. We derive a sense of fulfillment when living our personal values because our motivations and actions are aligned with the aspirations of who we want to be."

What Are Your Values? Desires? Dealbreakers? "One of the things that people are most confused about and that I get asked a lot of questions about, is the issue of ‘common interests’ and letting superficial things inadvertently get mixed in with your ‘core’ values. Over the past few days I’ve been talking about value and values in relationships, and in this post, I put a clear division between the nice to have stuff that doesn’t actually cause your relationship to endure unless you have the ‘core’ values covered off."

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