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How to Keep Your Relationship in The Honeymoon Phase

During an early morning embrace, Phil asked “When does the honeymoon end?” (Just to put this in context, we have been together for 12½ years!) This started a really fun conversation on how the honeymoon phase of a relationship is usually viewed and what it is that we experience. This of course, led directly to this blog!

Very often, people talk about a relationship as having different phases, and most people teaching and working with relationships describe the honeymoon phase that lasts a relatively short while and then must be replaced by a deeper type of union. What is being referred to is the biochemical response we have when we first feel connected and excited about a partner. Ideally this is slowly replaced by a growing relationship built on shared core values.

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In this week's blog, we discuss how to keep your relationship in the honeymoon phase. Here are some postings we think you'll enjoy.

Can the Honeymoon Phase Last Forever? "A recent New York Times article told us something we already knew, but don’t like to hear: Newlyweds enjoy a big happiness boost that lasts, on average, for just two years. Of course, you may have heard that once or twice from me. But the NYT says it a lot better:"

The “Honeymoon” Period Of Relationships Explained "The honeymoon period of relationships – how can psychology explain it? and does the honeymoon period actually have to end? This is not to claim its the one size fits all answer but if you give this some thought you may find there is quite a bit of truth in this."

18 Signs the Honeymoon Phase of Your Relationship Never Ended Eighteen snippets of advice that we liked.

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