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How Do Differences in Your Relationship Strengthen It?

To be in a successful relationship, it is very helpful to know and be comfortable with yourself.

We all try to fit in with each other, just as the birds in a flock act together. We make ourselves more attractive to other people by how we dress, speak, behave and react. It is ubiquitous, yet the influence of others on us is hard to notice. Coming to know yourself includes recognizing these influences and choosing which are appropriate.

The more you understand yourself, the easier it will be to experience an undefended state with each other because you will not put up a false front to make yourself acceptable. This leads to a full sharing of who you are, and an acceptance of the differences between you. These differences are inherently present with any two people as a result of the completely unique nature of each individual. They are an enrichment of who you are and can greatly add to your quality of life, but only when you do not feel assailed or attacked or afraid of the difference.

Many people, especially when young, enter into a relationship from a sense of incompleteness; some void they want to to be filled, some fear they need assuaged. As we come to know ourselves better, we come to terms with these needs, and are quite happy with our lives as individuals, and yet we still desire an intimate partnership. When we reach out from this place, we generally seek something other than ourselves, something to add to us.

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Successful Relationship Reading Corner


In this week's blog, we asked how do differences in your relationship strengthen it? Here are some other articles covering aspects of that.

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