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Gratefulness Expands Your Relationship and Your World

It was really easy to find this week’s blog topic: being grateful. We are so grateful for the fires to be contained and that almost all of us survived! We are so grateful for our blessed relationship and the peace and grace we experience. We are so grateful for the wonderful community of loving friends and strangers who care about each other, take care of each other, and want the best for each other! Walking down State St. yesterday, many shops had signs offering discounts or freebies to the firefighters.

We are so grateful!

Gratitude is not an idea, it is a feeling. It is joy at being alive. It is letting in the feeling of being loved. It is a choice of what we allow ourselves to see.

We'd be grateful if you clicked here and read the rest.

Phil reads it out loud, too.

The fire is contained, the winds are gone, the evacuations are lifted, the air quality is good.
We are so GRATEFUL!!
A wonderful Happy Holiday to All!!
Phil and Maude

Successful Relationship Reading Corner


In this week's blog, we wrote that gratefulness expands your relationship and your world. These articles have some interesting research results about gratitude.

Is Gratitude the Antidote to Relationship Failure? "I had one goal when I started graduate school five years ago – to understand why some romantic relationships thrive while others fail. I also had one primary hypothesis – relationships fail when partners begin to take each other for granted. And I thought: if taking each other for granted is the poison, maybe gratitude is the antidote."

This Is How A Little Gratitude Can Save Your Relationship "When both partners focus on what the other isn’t doing and take each other for granted, the relationship is filled with resentment, frustration, and bitterness. The truth is, a good relationship starts with you. When you bring positivity and happiness into the relationship, your partner will rise up to match and then your relationship will flourish."

How to Build a Strong Relationship: Express Gratitude "Expressing gratitude has captured the interest of many social psychologists, and they’ve shown its powerful effects across a range of studies and types of relationships. In essence, gratitude is when you acknowledge and appreciate the things that are valuable and meaningful to you. In general, gratitude is good for you. Research has shown that feeling grateful is related to optimism, physical health, positive mood, better sleep, and feeling more connected to other people. Gratitude is also related to reduced materialism and overall satisfaction with life."

Spreading peace one relationship at a time
Phil and Maude
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