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Do You Believe in a Peaceful Relationship?

PHIL: Many years ago I visited a Southern Texas city with a friend for – oh, the reason doesn’t matter. We went to a museum in the afternoon to beat the heat and came out in the early evening. The air was hot but the low sun no longer radiated heat. We walked through a small urban park where the deep-cut stone-walled paths placed the lawns at chest height. I suddenly saw, back-lit by the setting sun, the silk threads from hundreds of baby spiders waving in the breeze and creating a delicate shimmer above the grass.

Look at the spiders’ webs!” I exclaimed. My companion couldn’t see anything.

No, look; see all those gossamer threads,” I repeated. Again she could not see them.

I insisted, and then suddenly she saw them, plain as day, waving in front of her eyes.

I tell this story because Maude and I point to a different way of relating, one that has no conflict, and yet people can’t see it. They say “Oh, you two are just lucky” or “Surely you argue on occasion.” No, we don’t. It is a qualitatively different way of relating, and it surprised us as much as it might surprise you.

MAUDE: Belief and intention is the starting point to manifest the kind of togetherness that we are sharing.

When we describe our experiences, we do so for a reason, and it’s not to say that whatever you are struggling with, we don’t have that problem, nor is it just to wave our great relationship in your face!

We share our experiences so that you will know, if you don’t already, that it is possible to have such a relationship; so that you will know it really can and does exist. Once you know it exists, it is possible to have belief, and from belief to move into intention.

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Successful Relationship Reading Corner

BookshelfIn this week's blog we asked if you believe in a peaceful relationship. Here are some articles about belief and intention.

The Four Qualities of a Conscious Relationship "So what exactly is a conscious relationship? It’s a romantic relationship in which both partners feel committed to a sense of purpose, and that purpose is growth. Individual growth. Collective growth as a couple. Growth that makes the world a better place. ... When two people come together with the intention of growth, the relationship strives towards something much greater than gratification. The partnership becomes a journey of evolution, and the two individuals have an opportunity to expand more than they could alone. Deep satisfaction and long-term fulfillment arise as a result."

What People in Healthy Relationships Do "What matters in a relationship is the intention that each person brings to the table. Do you want to keep getting better at things, or do you expect the other person to keep getting better? Do you see difficulties as opportunities to learn more about others and yourself?"

3 Ways Your Beliefs Can Shape Your Reality "While the claim that beliefs single-handedly determine our physical health, financial status, and chances at finding love is clearly misguided, the idea that beliefs have power does have some scientific validity. It just works a little differently than books like The Secret suggest. Here are three ways that beliefs really can shape your reality."

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