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How Do Commitment and Presence Affect Your Relationship?

When we sit down to write our blogs, we have two main principles we keep in mind. First is that we want to share our personal experience on how we live peacefully in our relationship. Second, is to convey how you can apply this information to your relationship.

As we were working on our theme of presence this morning, we seemed to be knocking up against each other a bit. Then we realized we were talking from our individual thoughts, and not coming from that mutuality between us. We were not actually looking at the topic in terms of our relationship, but rather from each of our separate experiences. Looking at those separate examples is fine and important to the discussion, but its better when we come from how it works within our relationship. In fact, as soon as we began to discuss it in those terms, the ideas flowed and we were present and creative together.

One of the immediate things that came out of our discussion this morning was how we are present with each other, that we are totally relaxed, feel free to communicate openly with each other at all times, and never fear reprisals, rejection, anger or withholding.

How do we achieve this state of presence with a total lack of fear?

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Successful Relationship Reading Corner


In this week's blog, we asked how commitment and presence affect your relationship. Here are two articles and a poem that we liked.

38 Ways To Really Show Up In Your Relationship "Do you show up in your relationships? Are you really, truly there for your partner, with full presence and commitment? Or do you show up simply by being physically available? If so, you may think you are "there" for your partner, though you're missing in spirit. Odds are, you’re giving the relationship as much as you have time and energy for, but are treating your relationship as another “to-do” item in your life. Or maybe you’re just there because you don’t want to be alone."

Love’s Deeper Commitment This is a poem by Jeff Foster that resonated for us.

The Power of Presence and How You Relate – Love or Fear? "Presence is pure power as it also holds limitless possibilities for personal and relational healing and transformation. It is present moments that offer opportunities in which you can, if you choose, stretch out of old comfortable places."

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