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Are You Open to the Sacred in Your Relationship?

Our relationship has been filled with revelations for both of us. The largest of those has been its sacred nature. We use this phrase consciously, as we came to this truth through actual experience.

We call it our sacred space, a time when we set aside our involvement with the world and come together to revel in each other’s presence. You’ll find advice like this in plenty of relationship articles, usually described as spending quality time with each other. We’d like to go further on what our experience is, and one key aspect is that it consists of adding to the sense of self.

A true relationship with another evokes feelings of kinship, even love and the exchange of heart energy. The very act of bridging the gap between ourselves and another is a transcendent act. We move past ourselves to the recognition that there is a self that is not us; in fact, a separate and unique individual. This understanding is the path to a relationship with the divine.

In an intimate partnership relationship, the interactions become imbued with love, respect, appreciation and above all, presence. 

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Successful Relationship Reading Corner


In this week's blog we asked if you are open to the sacred in your relationship. Here are some writings that others have done.

What is Sacred Union with Another Person? "A sacred relationship is a relationship in which we are inspired to see the Divine in another person. We become ready for this sacred relationship at a very particular time in our lives - a time when we awaken to the sacredness within ourselves. When you come to realize that you’re not just a body - that you are, in fact, the essence of love and truth - a deep desire to know yourself as love (and to experience this sacred love in relationships), comes forth."

Sacred Relationship Takes Courage "The key to sacred relationship is to have the spiritual perception of who you are and who the other is. This essential spiritual understanding is the foundation of sacred relationship. Sacred relationship is the oldest and the newest frontier. In today’s society, the whole meaning of relationship as sacred – as an evolutionary way of life – is not exactly a focus. But it’s the newest frontier and represents the cutting edge of consciousness."

SACRED RELATIONSHIPS: A New Paradigm Unfolding "I've come to realize that there aren't many examples of sacred relationships on the planet - relationships where both partners genuinely love themselves and each other; relationships where both partners enjoy themselves, each other, and life together. Sacred relationships do exist, but they are so uncommon that the majority of us have yet to witness a true sacred relationship, let alone experience one. What is a sacred relationship? Why are we so challenged with finding our 'soul mate', our 'twin flame', or our 'true love'? Perhaps the answer lies in our perception of what true love is and what it means to be in a sacred relationship."

Spreading peace one relationship at a time
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