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4 Ways to Break Bad Patterns in Your Relationship

We write from our direct experience to share how well we work together. When we first saw this, it was a mysterious phenomenon, and we have spent years discussing and analyzing what, exactly, we are doing. Our idea has always been to say that it exists, to create the belief that such a relationship is possible, and let people examine their own lives to see what to change so that they, too, can have this experience.

To offer exercises that we don’t do has always seemed to go against our intention of writing from our experience. But in previous relationships, we have been challenged with how to change patterns, so today we’ll describe some things that we did to try to improve things. The purpose of these is to make things sufficiently different for a while that both people can glimpse a different way to relate.

Click here to read 4 fun exercises in our blog, or click here for Phil to read it.

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We wrote in this week's blog on 4 ways to break bad patterns in your relationship by trying something different for a day. Here are some articles with other exercises to improve your relationship.

This One Exercise Can Improve Your Relationship Today "What a lot of people don’t realize is that what they are seeing has to do with where they are looking, and whatever they look at starts to get bigger in their mind. The brain has limited attentional capacity, which means it can only focus on a certain number of things at one time. Once your brain is occupied with something, you start to lose awareness of what else is happening around you."

Couples Communication Boosters – Top 5 Activities You Must Try "Communication activities for married couples are those exercises that couples can do to improve the way they converse with one another. As these activities take place, communication skills are enhanced and spouses learn to understand one another. Of course words are understood, that is a given, but when communication is improved, spouses learn the meaning behind those words. This includes how their partner feels and why something is being said."

5 Communication Games Guaranteed to Bring You Closer "The idea of “working on our communication” is usually met with eye rolls, shrugs or even denials of a problem...Communication Is More than Talking...Talking is simply sharing information using words. It is a way to inform another person about a particular thing. It’s important but it is not a stand-alone relationship builder. Stick around and we’ll show you 5 simple games you and your partner can play to exercise your communication skills, deepen your romantic connection, and build a stronger life together."

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