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Feed Your Relationship, Feed Your Life

People often spend lots of time and energy in finding a relationship. They will take courses, join online services, and read up on ways to meet and find partners. Much effort goes into deciding if this is the right match; there is discussion with friends and counselors, and lots of attention devoted to deciding yes or no to a particular relationship.

However, it is unfortunately the case that very often once a couple embarks on the path of having a relationship, their efforts, as well as the outside information, support and input seem to cease. The couple thinks that they are alone with the building and succoring of their relationship once it has begun. It is often the case that a couple will only seek outside support or information when their relationship is having a bumpy time and they feel they need help. 

Maude used the phrase “feed your relationship” at breakfast, and it immediately clicked for both of us. We realized that in our partnership and those of other successful couples we have interviewed and talked to, continuous nourishment of the relationship makes a huge difference to its actual success. 

We participate in many activities and interactions that we feel are really important to feeding our relationship on an ongoing basis, and we think that you too can find a host of fun and nourishing actions to add strength and support to your union.

Read all about them on our blog.
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An Audio Excerpt

As we mentioned in our blog, Phil reads aloud most nights. Right now he’s re-reading an anniversary gift, the anthology “Twenty Poems to Bless Your Marriage And One to Save It” by Roger Housden. Here's an audio excerpt from this wonderful book. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

You can also hear Phil reading our blogs on iTunes and narrating audio books on audible.com.


Successful Relationship Reading Corner

In this week's blog we are discussing feeding and nourishing our relationships. Here are some articles we've selected for you on this topic.

10 Ways to Nourish Your Marriage "What's the key to a successful relationship? Sometimes it's the simple things that are taken for granted or we think are unimportant that hold the key to a healthy, loving and happy relationship. Here are ten tips on how to make your relationship last:"

Nourishing the Different Types of Intimacy in Your Relationship "When we talk about being intimate in a romantic relationship, we often equate it to sexual intimacy. But sex is just one form of intimacy. “Intimacy is a process whereby we feel truly seen, known by and connected to our partner,” said Jennifer Kogan, LICSW, a psychotherapist who provides individual and couples counseling in Washington, D.C. And this can manifest in many ways. Here are other types of intimacy and how you can nourish each one."

The Magic of Nourishment "It is such a pleasure to be in this relationship, a relationship where the simple things in life – a greeting, a smile, an encouraging word, a hug – are common place. Having come from a relationship where the cold war was ongoing, where competition was the cornerstone, and words of encouragement were rare, I really appreciate the difference. I now love coming home and I look forward to being with my partner."

Spreading peace one relationship at a time
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