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How to Transform Your Relationship and Have Fun

We are back from our magical anniversary trip and it was even more than we had hoped for! Our plan for not having a plan worked out really well for us and led to some funny and glorious adventures!

We also had an experience which we think is worth sharing with all of you, and which might help some of you who are ready to recognize the possibility for changing patterns that aren’t working in your relationship, and how to do it.

We headed out on our week-long journey with only a specific plan for the first stop and a direction for the general trip. We made no reservations and had decided to play it all by ear and feel, with which we were both good.

We were a bit testy with each other as the first day’s drive unfolded, a bit impatient. There were misunderstandings between driver and navigator and a tone of snippy answers and irritability. This was not typical of how we interact with each other and certainly not what we want.

Click here to read how we resolved this (and you can, too). Click here for Phil to read it to you.

Plant Food and Medicine Conference

Our friend Jacqueline Lopez is organizing this wonderful conference in Santa Barbara, CA. Here is what she says about it:

We are pleased to invite you to the Santa Barbara 2018 - Plant Food & Medicine Conference at the SBCC West Campus on Saturday, October 27th. To learn more and reserve your seat go to https://plantfoodandmedicine.org
This conference features a feast of science-based and wisdom talks with Q&A on the following topics:
  • How to Put “Easy & Delicious” Into Plant-Based Meals (keynote by Celebrity Chef Melissa Costello)
  • Eat What Heals You – The Power of Plant-Based Nutrition (keynote by Jim Adams, Ph.D. USC)
  • Herbs – Nature’s Super Supplements (seminar)
  • Empowered Diets for Miraculous Healing (seminar)
  • Cannabis 101 – The Real Deal on How Cannabis Heals You (seminar)
  • Healing Plants of Santa Barbara’s Trails and Gardens seminar)
  • A Cancer Survivor’s Journey to Total Well-Being Through Nutrition (seminar)
  • Essential Oils – Awaken the Body’s Innate Healing Ability (seminar)
This is your opportunity to greatly broaden your knowledge on how to prepare easy and delicious plant-based meals while maximizing their benefits to prevent and reverse chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseasediabetescancer, all the while advocating for sustainable and delicious animal-free food.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Successful Relationship Reading Corner


In this week's blog, we wrote about how we started on a trip with different ideas and quickly resolved the differences. Here are some articles on how you can turn things around by changing your viewpoint.

Transform Your Relationship by Assuming the Best Intentions "I used to think he was out to get me. The man of my dreams was continually plotting to undermine my happiness in countless ways, all for some mysterious reason I couldn’t comprehend."

5 Steps to Relationship Transformation "Nothing brings more joy and contentment than a good, healthy relationship. And nothing brings more frustration and stress than a bad relationship. Unfortunately, most people have never been taught how to make their relationships work. The good news is you can learn how to build any personal or professional relationship … if you apply one or more of these five strategies."

Transforming Your Relationship: The Authenticity Trap "If you want a MAGNIFICENT love affair… an unshakable love and unleashed passion that lasts a lifetime….do not fall into the “I got to be ME” crap! Another fundamental truth to creating an unshakable foundation in your relationship is, you must stop making it about you! Sounds contradictory to being your authentic self doesn’t it? Let me ask you two questions that will give you some insight into how we reconcile these two fundamental relationship truths."

Spreading peace one relationship at a time
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