Guest Posts

What We Are About

We write from our personal experience, and our blog offers practical advice on how to achieve and maintain joy-filled peaceful relationships.

Our Vision Statement

1. Loving peaceful relationships exist. We have one.
2. Peace is a tangible reality. It can be experienced and spread.
3. Our vision is to share how people can relate to each other peacefully.

What We Are Looking For in a Guest Blog

Original personal posts on relationships with insightful writing that illuminates our subject. A good post might discuss:

  • dealing with relationship problems and challenges
  • how self-development and inner work furthered your relationship
  • what you have learned
  • what has worked for you


Aim for a word count of 500 to 1200 words.

The post must be original material. This means never having been published in whole or in part before on the internet on your blog or elsewhere.

The post should not promote yourself or your products. You may do so in a bio of up to 50 words, including a few of your links, and describe yourself and your services. You may include a photo of yourself for use with your bio. If you wish us to post  anonymously, that is fine with us; just let us know.

We will probably edit your post for grammar and to match the style of the site. We may get back to you with questions or request additions. If there are any major changes made, you will be asked to review and approve them first.

You may include a photo to illustrate your post and a proposed title, but we reserve the right to use one of our own choosing.

How to Submit

Send your proposed post to

Include your submission in the body of the email.

If you are sending a potential photo, please include it as an attachment with the larger dimension (width or height) of at least 1500 pixels and make sure you have copyright permission.

We read all submissions and will reply within 10 days if we plan to use your post. If you don’t receive a response, do not hesitate to try again with a different post.

We look forward to hearing from you and reading your submissions.