Readers’ Quotes

Quotes for “Secrets of a Successful Relationship Revealed”:

I loved it. I found nothing to correct except myself. I take such joy in knowing that a love like yours is possible. Reading this has re-awakened the yearning in me for union.

— C. Abby Rich

Thank you for this! It was just such a gift to me, as I needed a bit of inspiration on relationships. I totally get where you are coming from and think this is so beautiful to share. It makes it palpable for people to know that they can, indeed, get there and have a great relationship. It gives a lot of tools on the attitude it takes. I loved it!!!!

— Denise Lumiere

When people discover the communion of love, it is natural they want to share the lessons they have learned with others; read this book, enter into the dialogue of love it contains, and be inspired by love’s joy.

— S.Butterfield

This book is a useful exploration and dialog on the possibility of conflict-free relating. My partner of 20 years and I read it aloud to each other. We used the concepts as a springboard for deep discussions about our own relationship style, and found that they helped us to improve our communication skills and enhance the quality of our love and respect for each other’s individuality.

— Jenny Phelps and Richard Niles

I have read the little book and it is lovely. I love the format and the way you have chosen to tell the story. The honesty and ideas will resonate and be helpful universally.

— Dr. Jane Sandbank

Maureen and Phil have discovered a most significant component besides the love that is geared to being unconditional, and that is respect for the other’s God-given and unique individuality. We humans have all too few tools for how to live successful, creative and loving relationships. This book is definitely one such tool and I can recommend it to all who desire to start a new relationship, or improve and strengthen their present ever-changing, hopefully ever-growing, connection.

— Oliver Duex

This book surprised me, as it offers a path to all peaceful relating and isn’t just for couples “working it out”. I’m a single gal; been single for over 12 years, so I am often intimidated by “relationship” self-help books. Yet as I began reading “Secrets”, it clearly showed me it is the relationship to myself that can be altered and softened, allowing peaceful exchanges with others to spontaneously occur. Through the blogs and playful musings of Maude and Phil, I was able to see I too could have a more positive, receptive posture that invites relationship possibilities.

— Iris Cutler

This is a wonderful book. It’s about selflessness (as opposed to the selfishness which so often characterizes relationships). It’s about achieving a level of communication which enables a true sharing of the best of each other’s qualities while respecting differences. It’s about learning how to “act in the living present” (to borrow a line from a Longfellow poem). And, it is so much more, because it is not the usual manual of “how to have a successful relationship.” Instead, it gives the reader a window to experience the authors’ personal intimate exchanges, letting one feel as though having traveled with them. It is a very good read.

— Sam Redman

Your book “Secrets of a Successful Relationship Revealed” is such a delight. I’m enjoying your intelligent and earnest way of communicating with each other. Thanks for sharing your intimate and beautiful union with the rest of us. As I read, I hear your voices taking one part or the other and so the book becomes very alive for me.

— Myra Mossman

As you read along you recognize that peaceful feeling that comes from the sharing of loving acceptance, and you know that that’s where you want to be. Phil and Maude paint a picture of what that means by sharing views of their relationship from a variety of vantage points, and you come away with the thought that anyone can have this experience of peace if they can open themselves to it.

— Les Elkind

Your book is the best on communication in relationships. I love the honoring of each other, the wisdom and the approach.. I am re-reading this book over and over.. It comes from the true place of loving..

— Denise Lumiere