Month: December 2011

Balance and Stillness

“The way we act together is very puzzling. We come to agreement on what we do together without apparent effort or decision-making. Certainly there are times when only one of us feels tired, talkative, sleepy, sexual, but mostly we concur on whether to walk, what movie to watch, when to separate, and all those other joint decisions.
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Celebrating the Difference

“We don’t seem to be busy with or involved in wanting our partner to be anything other than who and what they are. If you can actually be with another person, without wanting them to change, or being busy in any way to alter them, then amazing things become possible.
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“Secrets” Video on Youtube

Check out our video about the book. If you enjoy it, give it a like and write a comment.
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Peace Is More Attractive Than Conflict and Anger

“There is much said about peace, and yet we can’t help but wonder how often people have actually experienced it in their lives. Once you have this experience, it is so powerful, so all-encompassing, so wonderful, you would never want to dwell anywhere else.
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The Path to the Present

You and I seem to come to the present through joy. We feel so free and natural with each other, that we come with ease fully into the present.
Often people are brought to an appreciation of the present moments through loss; something shocking happens, someone gets terribly ill suddenly, or we experience sudden and unexpected loss.
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