The Path to the Present

You and I seem to come to the present through joy. We feel so free and natural with each other, that we come with ease fully into the present.

Often people are brought to an appreciation of the present moments through loss; something shocking happens, someone gets terribly ill suddenly, or we experience sudden and unexpected loss. This makes one appreciate the little things, to be aware of what is actually around, to be in the present.

One can achieve just such a sharp focus experience of reality through joy and celebration.


We honor the present, or to rephrase it, we accept what is present; in other words, our direct experience in the moment. The present moment doesn’t contain events that happened in the past. That cuts out a whole lot right there. And by not trying to direct the other, we relinquish attempts to manipulate the future. By refusing to be captured by regrets and yearnings from the past, and by accepting what is, rather than what might be, we allow ourselves to see and experience the other completely.


“Secrets of a Successful Relation Revealed”, pp 54-55


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