Chance or Choice?

Sometimes I think that we put out such a strong message of how well we relate that people are discouraged and think that we are lucky to be so specially matched.

But it’s not what we are, what lottery tickets we have drawn, so much as what we do. It’s not a found thing, it’s an intentional thing.

If you want a passionate, peaceful relationship, you don’t find it by looking, you find it by bringing passion and peace to the table.

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1 Comment on “Chance or Choice?

  1. Interesting that you use choice because what you have done is actually choice as defined anew by my son. Yours is an actual first time creation for relationships. You made the choice not merely a selection from what already is available. However, that’s to your intentional creation of a dynamic less often utilized you have given others a wider selection for their relationships!!! BRAVO!!!
    I trust people realize that all relationships including the primary one with self could utilize this loving acceptance, safe, peaceful energy to action approach!!!
    I know it works magnificently for my life…Thank you for intention & diligence & love for the world condition!

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