The Freedom to Say Anything

I love what you say about our ease in talking because I have had the “we need to talk” speech from so many other people.

So what’s the difference? Was I mutated by a bombardment of cosmic rays? No, I think everyone has, somewhere at least, a need to talk, to express themselves, to be seen. To never do so would be a life of existential loneliness. People may hold back out of shame, embarrassment or guilt, but we all need that contact at least on occasion to feel connected to others.

One reason the talking is so easy and fluid with us is the complete acceptance that we’ve talked about many times before. There are no mine-fields, no dangerous areas, no taboo subjects, no demands to talk or be silent or respond or be a particular way, and this is such a liberating thing. It’s this way for both of us, and leads to great freedom and joy.


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  1. I like this blog because the fear of open, honest communication in marriage was a HUGE issue that my husband and I have worked on. We both came from the school of “keep quiet and hope the problem goes away”. Not surprisingly, this didn’t work well for our marriage and I’m so glad we have improved our communication. We’re working on it all the time and it’s had an extremely positive impact on our marriage.

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