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Most of us want a successful relationship. We ask ourselves:
Do I pick the wrong people?
Am I repeating old patterns?
Is there anyone out there for me?

People Argue; That’s  a Fact. Or is it?

We thought so until we met. We found such a different way of dealing with disagreements that we had to share it with others.

It’s Really Possible

Our ten years together have shown us that important disagreements can be resolved without bad feelings. In “Secrets of a Successful Relationship Revealed” we share some basic keys towards having a rewarding, peaceful and joyous relationship. In fact, we are convinced that these keys can be applied to all relationships. We write about how differences are a positive factor, the importance of core vales, and the connection between closeness and independence.

“This book is a useful exploration and dialog on the possibility of conflict-free relating. My partner of 20 years and I read it aloud to each other. We used the concepts as a springboard for deep discussions about our own relationship style, and found that they helped us to improve our communication skills and enhance the quality of our love and respect for each other’s individuality.” Jenny Phelps and Richard Niles

banner240x400pxTo grasp an idea takes a single moment of understanding, like solving a clue in a crossword puzzle – the realization occurs in an instant, and once known, is never forgotten. Once this happens, everything changes. “Secrets of a Successful Relationship Revealed” is filled with specific keys for achieving peace within relationships. These keys are described in a running conversation between us — Phil and Maude — which is both easy to understand and effective to apply.

“This book surprised me, as it offers a path to all peaceful relating and isn’t just for couples “working it out”. I’m a single gal; been single for over 12 years, so I am often intimidated by “relationship” self-help books. Yet as I began reading “Secrets”, it clearly showed me it is the relationship to myself that can be altered and softened, allowing peaceful exchanges with others to spontaneously occur. Through the blogs and playful musings of Maude and Phil, I was able to see I too could have a more positive, receptive posture that invites relationship possibilities.” Iris Cutler

So many people talk and write that relationships are hard work. We see that attitude as creating unnecessary negative images. To assume that all relationships have difficulties is to limit the horizon of what may transpire between people. Believe that more is possible, and your world will change to meet your imagination.

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