The Internet Will Enable World Peace

In today’s world, knowledge of others is greatly expanding because of video, social media and the Internet. When people around the world connect, see each other and communicate, they can identify with and recognize the humanity in strangers everywhere. This is an unprecedented capability that has only existed for a few years, but is already having an effect, e.g. a Facebook page where Israelis and Palestinians communicate. This connection is enhanced by video because it communicates so much more powerfully than the printed word. Yes, we have had film and television, but they were both one-way transmissions, carrying the message of a narrow elite. Now, conversations are taking place all across the world. We are learning about others from their own lips, and the message the elites of this world wish to promote is losing its spell.

We fear the unknown, and strangers and foreigners have historically been the unknown. Governments have exploited this, as excellently portrayed in “1984? by three super-powers in perpetual war. However, the Internet has popularized alternative narratives, and along with recognizing the humanity in all of us, world peace will be attained within the century.

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