Month: October 2012

Meditation 3

When sitting, just experience what it is like to sit. The experience of the color red is fundamentally different from its description, from a description of the optical system, from details of its wavelength, how it is generated – in short, everything about it except the direct perception.
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Meditation 2

By continually bring attention back to the breath, there comes a point at which the thoughts seem to be flickering around the central column of breath like lightning; there is a sense of something other than thought being there. But this sense is not describable in any way – that would be thought, which it precisely isn’t, and that is the reason for following the breath – it’s a focus for the mind, a tether to hold it in place while it flaps furiously.
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Meditation 1

There are many sources that cover the mechanics of meditation (for example), but few go into very much detail on what it might produce. This is the first in a series of posts describing my experiences with sitting.
I try to sit every day for half an hour.
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