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How Being Positive Promotes Healthy Relationships

Our experience has shown us that it is very important to be positive about both your partner and your relationship. Where you put your attention can often change your entire experience of what is happening.
We recently read an article in the New York Times entitled “Turning Negative Thinkers Into Positive Ones,” and found it touched on this issue in a most interesting way.
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How to Both Stay Present and Move Forward

A student asked, “When times of great difficulty visit us, how should we meet them?”
The teacher said, “Welcome.”
Last week we wrote about the importance of staying present during a crisis such as a flat tire. This week, the universe pushed the button labeled “Practice What You Preach” and produced the U.S.
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Phil and Maude’s Friday Feature: Gail Brenner

We are excited to be announcing a new offering from
Occasionally on Fridays we will be either sharing guest blogs or featuring authors and speakers who work in the field of peaceful relationships.
This week we’d like to feature Dr.
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Peace in Your Relationship and the World

We have written many times about the extraordinary peaceful and passionate nature of our relationship, and in fact our primary goal in all our writings, books and blogs is to spread peace one relationship at a time.
In these very disturbing times, it seems a good moment to focus on this central part of our message.
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You Need to Know Yourself to Have a Good Relationship

Know yourself, or Thy Self as it were, has been proclaimed by philosophers and religions for thousands of years. A simple enough truth, and yet one that often eludes us. If we had to give one factor that is critical to a successful relationship, it would be that you need to do whatever work on yourself is necessary to understand your responses and behaviors.
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Meditation 8

The road in passes through the emotions. It is necessary to experience them directly, to feel the anger, pain, or loss directly, without any interpretation, explanation or labeling. As the emotions cease,you are left in the state of pure being – simply sitting.
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Meditation 7

We usually understand ourselves and the world through our mind. We use thoughts and words for this to great effect; so great that we easily assume that the whole world is amenable to such analysis. But thought is only a thin skin on the brain; beneath it are the feelings, instincts, intuition and knowledge of two billion years of life.
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Meditation 6

I was sitting once when I had a sudden sense that I was the breath. Several sits later, that experience remained. An image that came to mind was of two fields separated by a wire fence; one the field of thought, and one the field of being.
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Meditation 5

Descartes said “I think, therefore I am”, and elevated the mind, the user of words, to the primary way of knowing. But if I do not think, does it follow that I do not exist? Of course not. And what kind of knowing exists there?
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Meditation 4

Someone asked on Reddit how to start meditating, so I posted:
For me, first thing in the morning, otherwise the day takes over and there’s never any uninterrupted time. I’m lucky enough to work my own schedule, which helps.
Sit up straight.
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