Approach Decision Making and Problem Solving With Joy

I was so pleased with the photo of the two children you selected for our article on “How to Make Joint Decisions Without Conflict” , but I wasn’t really sure why. Then it hit me. They were so filled with joy, and an obvious pleasure in being together. This is an element we hadn’t emphasized in our article, but one that is very important. When you sit down with your partner to make a decision or to solve a problem, do it from a place of joy. It is very important to come from an open mind, and one that is not full of preconceptions. And it is just as important to start out, right from the beginning, with the attitude that the two of you are going to have fun together. In fact, the more you can approach this from a place similar to what these two children in the photo exude, the better. Over time, as you accumulate the positive experiences that will occur through applying the process we’ve described, this joyous attitude will become more and more natural. So remember, the outcome is an unknown. The only thing you know for sure is the results will be something the two of you have created together, and it will be mutually satisfying giving you a stronger sense of your union. We have practiced this for years and it is still a breathtaking and magical experience each time!

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