What Gets Under Your skin About Your Partner?

What is it that gets under your skin about your partner? What are the little annoying things that you keep stumbling over? What causes those out of sync episodes, that so often can turn into arguments and real breaches between you and your partner?

Well, whatever those things are, they are worth taking a look at; but not in relation to your partner, rather in relation to yourself. Are these things really meaningful to you? If so, what is their meaning to you and do you want them to carry such weight in your life?

Sometimes, if we look inside ourselves at what pushes our buttons in relation to others, we will find that these are old things, things we have outgrown or no longer need to respond to. A good house cleaning of old stuff that you are still carrying, will often lead to a freer inner self that is more able to live in acceptance with another. The less we carry of meaningless reactions from the past, the more we can revel in the joy of the present! This opens us up to the wonders of really encountering and getting to know another. This occurs when the other person is able to be themselves without fear of attack or criticism. This is the kind of freedom that grows out of acceptance within a relationship.

The depth and closeness of the kind of being together that you can experience in this way, is worth that journey of personal house cleaning. Try it, you won’t ever regret it!

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