Gratefulness Expands Your Relationship and Your World

Gratefulness Expands Your Relationship and Your World

It was really easy to find this week’s blog topic: being grateful. We are so grateful for the fires to be contained and that almost all of us survived! We are so grateful for our blessed relationship and the peace and grace we experience. We are so grateful for the wonderful community of loving friends and strangers who care about each other, take care of each other, and want the best for each other! Walking down State St. yesterday, many shops had signs offering discounts or freebies to the firefighters.

We are so grateful!

Gratitude is not an idea, it is a feeling. It is joy at being alive. It is letting in the feeling of being loved. It is a choice of what we allow ourselves to see.

Never take your relationship for granted. It is important to take time out of the normal everyday events of life to appreciate and acknowledge each other and your relationship. Don’t wait till things become dire or threatened in the way our whole area (hundreds of square miles of populated area) has been for several weeks. Nurture peace within your relationship, and the world will come one step closer to living that peace. We have such a strong foundation of peace within our partnership, that when hard times come, we are both fortified by it. Make peace a practice between your and your mate.

Gratitude is not an idea, it’s a feeling. It’s joy at being alive. It’s the feeling of being loved Click To TweetWe have been strengthened and heartened by the loving response from friends and community far and wide sharing our experience. It has brought out so much gratefulness to feel acknowledged and to see people around the globe sending love and good thoughts to those of us in the disaster area.

It has been very reassuring to know that despite a political climate that appears to advocate every one just taking care of themselves and not caring about the other, that in fact, most of us do feel connected and care about each other. With the world being in such turmoil and with the politics of our country being so divisive, we are all living in a state of constant tension and shock. It has been wonderful to feel the living connection between so many of us and to know first hand that in fact we do and will all take care of each other. It has been renewing to be the recipients of so much love.

At this time of year, and all year long, we would like to wish you all true peace within your relationships and the awareness that you are all part of one big family! Let’s spread that peace one relationship at a time and never stop till the whole world is encompassed in love!

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  1. A comment sent to us from Lynelle:
    Good timing, you two!
    THANKS!! — and here’s to a new year, new world, and new life.

  2. A comment sent to us by Mandy:
    Mandy Jackson-Beverly We’re in Ojai and completely relate to your post ? Feeling grateful too!

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