How to Keep Love Alive in Your Relationship

How to Keep Love Alive in Your Relationship

You probably agree on the need to feed your relationship, and yet there still remains the question of how to do it. How do you keep the love and juicy presence of your relationship alive in your everyday life? We’ve talked about the general attitude and behavior, and today we thought we would look at some specific actions that we and some of the couples we’ve interviewed do. These are shared to stimulate your imagination, and to help you center in on things that might work for you and your lover.

Last week we mentioned the Guardian Angel game and how nice it can be to practice being your partner’s angel consciously. What is required to do that? First and foremost, is the intention to do so. You have to step enough out of the everyday world that occupies each of you, and think of your partner, what they would like or need, and how you can do or express that in a way that fits to you and is within your abilities.

We have a lot of fun giving each other cards. These are given for the most part on non-holiday occasions (although we do the holidays too!), and placed on a pillow or keyboard in each other’s office, or somewhere unexpected that will be encountered with a bit of surprise. It’s always such a sweet rush to find a card propped up and waiting. Often we use these opportunities to write of our love; sometimes it’s funny or sexy, tells of our appreciation of each other, or some acknowledgment of how important we are to each other. Writing the cards provides a wonderful experience of finding ways to tell each other what we love and how we feel, while reminding us of why we are together.

A few times a year, we take out our card collection and will go back and read the cards to each other. It’s remarkable to see how much we recognized of our relationship and its specialness, even in the very early stages of its development. It’s great to be reminded of what we have stated in so many different ways to each other over the years.

How do you keep the love alive every day in your relationship? #love #relationships #marriage Share on XActually stepping out of your regular life is also a way of adding creativity and newness to your shared adventures. The cliché is date night, but don’t let cliches scare you. One of the couples we interviewed have an agreement to go away together every two months for a three or four day trip. They love having new experiences and shared that they find it an opportunity to concentrate on each other while doing something different together.

Another couple we know goes away overnight once a week, every week without fail. We’re not privy to what happens, but we imagine it to be a rejuvenation similar to what we call our sacred space when we retire mid-evening to talk, relax, make love or watch Netflix. We leave the day behind and celebrate being with each other.

No matter what your life is like, there is a way that will fit to you where you can incorporate some aspect of this concept. And if your life is very stretched and you feel you do not have enough time, think again and carefully look at your priorities. It’s important to find a way to set aside time for your relationship no matter how busy you are with jobs, parenting, or commitments; your relationship is the underpinning for many of these things and you must structure a way to feed it and treat it as a priority!

Last week we received a comment from Nikki Caine who has a blog on “all things romance and relationship related.” She just finished a 14 day romance challenge and shared it on her blog. This is a very structured and fun way to approach play in in your relationship. Check it out.

The more time you spend thinking on this and looking at ways to show your love, the more in love you will find yourself being. Or at least you will be more aware of the fact that you are. It will naturally draw you toward your partner and the results are often far beyond the small gestures that you make. Oh, and the other thing is that you will learn so very much about yourself!

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