Relationship Reading Corner

Relationship Reading Corner

Here are some articles on commitment. We think that you’ll enjoy them and find some useful ideas.

What do we mean by commitment? “The difficulty is that we’re making promises about behaviors and outcomes, but ignoring the process necessary to achieve that goal.”

What Does Commitment Really Mean To You? “Commitments are made outside of time. The question is not so much about whether or not we stay together, no matter what, but about the kind of relationship we are both agreeing to create together.”

Commitment in healthy relationships This is a more academic view of commitment in relationsips. “Commitment may be considered a relationship skill because the abilities necessary to make and keep commitments must be learned, practiced, and refined just like those for effective couple communication (see Wiley 2007 in this issue) or any other relationship skill.”

Committed Relationship – What Does That Really Mean? “Commitment is what you and your significant other have mutually decided it is. And more importantly, it’s supporting and respecting that vision for each other.”

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