Relationship Reading Corner

Relationship Reading Corner

Here are some articles on work in relationships, and whether it is necessary.

Ben Affleck And The Experts Are Wrong: Marriage Is Not Hard Work “But contrary to what everyone seems to think — experts in the field, friends, therapists — even Mr. Affleck — I don’t believe marriage has to be work. I know this because I have been married 31 years, and I don’t consider my marriage work at all. And neither does my husband. ”

Do Relationships Really Need To Be A Lot Of Work? “‘Relationships are a lot of work.’ This is a popular belief that holds some truth: Relationships can be a lot of work, especially when they’re in transition…. Does a relationship need to be a lot of work? Unless you’re the type who likes to work on yourself and your relationship all the time, I say no.”

Relationships Take Work (But Not In the Way You Think) “What I’ve come to realize is that “work” isn’t quite the right term for what it takes to maintain a lasting, long-term relationship. At least, not this negative image of work I’ve envisioned in my head.”


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