Relationship Reading Corner

Relationship Reading Corner

Here are some articles on power struggles in relationships and how to avoid or move past them. We may not agree with everything here, but some of the advice is excellent.

“Widen the Lens” to Avoid Power Struggles “In reality, power struggles are created not by differences of opinions, but how we view those differences. By considering a different perspective, we can unlock the power struggle and other options seem to appear as if by magic.”

Understanding Power Struggles In Relationships “when in conversation with another person, especially those within a long-term relationship, people in a very real way join minds. Such a joining explains why people in relationships can ‘finish each others’ sentences,’ or ‘think’ to telephone each other at precisely the same time.”

Diffusing Power Struggles in Marriage “Power struggles are like intentionally hurting your mate. Power struggles are a way of saying: ‘I insist on you agreeing with me. I insist that my point of view is right. I know the correct way to do things, and you must do them my way.'”

Power struggles: Why being right can make everything wrong “To discontinue engaging in a power struggle, you need to move away from the adversarial energy of competition and control (me vs. you, I’m the boss and you’re not, I’m better/smarter than you are) to one of cooperation and camaraderie (We are a team. We can work this out. I cherish you.).”


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