Sex is New Each Time

When we come together sexually, we are open to each other. Nothing is hidden, nothing needs to be protected. We pay attention to the other’s sexual energy as much as we do our own.
By such openness, we are also present, and by being present, we focus not on the future and what path the sexual encounter might take, but instead on the sexuality before us.
Because neither of us is leading, the experience is not of something that either of us is doing, but of a mutual ecstasy to which we are the audience.
And it takes a sexual journey that neither of us choose, because we are not focused on the future. The path of this journey is a breath-taking surprise even as we traverse it. And at the end we are left with a sexual experience we have never had before, even as we have no words to describe it because it lives in such an experiential non-verbal place.

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