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Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog, we wrote about sex and union in a relationship, one of three aspects of mutuality. Here are articles about both the scientific and union aspects.
4 Scientific Ways Good Sex Brings You Closer to Your Partner “Does engaging in intercourse make you feel closer to your partner?
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Sex and Union in a Relationship

Wooden carving of couple

Last week we wrote about mutuality, a co-creative element of our relationship. There are two other factors that form the foundation of our way of being together. One of these is the union that arises from sexual connection.
For nearly four months, we have had medical problems which have precluded sexual intercourse.
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Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog, we wrote about how sexuality can unify body, mind and spirit. Here are some articles commenting about different aspects of this topic.
5 Signs You’re In A Highly Sacred Relationship “On some level, every relationship is sacred as it holds opportunity for us to grow.
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How Sexuality Can Unify Body, Mind and Spirit

Phil: Sex is an important part of our relationship, but we haven’t written about it much, as it is both transcendent and elusive.
We see sexual encounters as lying on a spectrum from two people having separate sexual experiences together to a full union.
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Why is Touch so Important in Your Relationship?

“I was so touched by your gesture.”
“I felt for the leading character.”
“I contacted John and set up lunch.”
“I see what you mean.”
“It smells fishy to me.”
Language is full of metaphors, often drawing on the senses. In particular, touch and the emotions are so intertwined that the word “feelings” is a synonym for both.
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Sex, Intimacy and Union Make For a Successful Relationship

Two voices, one message.
I went to lunch with my girlfriend Rachel the other day, and she was glowing and exuding a wonderful sense of calm and peace.
“Hey, what’s up with you? You seem so different than last time we met,” I asked her.
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New Relationship? How to Do Better This Time

We’ve all had failed relationships and suffered the inevitable postmortem of what went wrong. Are you starting out a new relationship? Do you want this one to be different? What can you do to make better choices?
Questions like these can haunt you.
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Can This Relationship Work? Learn More About the Spectrum of Acceptance

In our last blogs we’ve been talking about the Spectrum of Acceptance and Core Values which lie at one end of the spectrum.
Next on the spectrum are the areas of middle ground. These are places of divergence between you and your partner that have the potential of resolution.
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How to Completely Eliminate Drama in Your Relationship

In this article, Michael Russer discusses a favorite topic of ours. So many people think that arguing and fighting in a relationship show how much you feel and how important the relationship is to you. They have often been raised in households where drama is the norm and has come to be accepted as showing caring and involvement.
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How to Share Mindblowing Intimacy With Your Partner

Michael Russer gave a great TEDx talk on extraordinary intimacy.

One of the chapters in our upcoming book is “Sex, Intimacy and Union“, and when I met with Michael this week, we compared our experiences. The similarities are uncanny. In our respective relationships, we both have a sense of union; of having EXACTLY the same experience as our partner; of each time being unique and going further than ever before.
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