Can This Relationship Work? Learn More About the Spectrum of Acceptance

In our last blogs we’ve been talking about the Spectrum of Acceptance and Core Values which lie at one end of the spectrum.

Next on the spectrum are the areas of middle ground. These are places of divergence between you and your partner that have the potential of resolution. The process of finding mutual solutions and accepting differences that do not challenge basic values can be a rich area of growth for a relationship. Communicating as two people who are on the same side can produce wonderful experiences of closeness and union.

These middle spectrum areas can be problems and decisions like where to go on a trip, how to deal with each other’s parents or children, how to furnish shared space, or how to spend leisure time, whether to go out or stay in, how much to socialize with others – alone or together, Whatever these are for you, the situations provide fertile areas for really coming to know each other, accept each other, and find ways to new mutual solutions together.

In our forthcoming book, How Two: Have a Successful Relationship, we share a simple process for finding these solutions. Click on the link to the right where you can sign up for our newsletter and get that chapter from our new book on this helpful process in both written and audio form.


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