A close relationship is fundamentally different from others as it is built upon openness and honesty, both in sharing and accepting. This creates trust, which allows you to be more open, which creates more trust, and so on. When you are not actively creating conflict, you can actively create peace.

For the last few weeks, we have been writing about subtle aspects of peaceful relationships. It is now time to describe the five principles for creating peaceful relationships, of which these subtle aspects are a part. These are: Knowing and …

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Celebrating differences is a choice. When two people relate to each other in this manner, they become a powerful force for peace in the world. When there is no undercurrent of criticism, you can have an attitude of openness. This is where the feeling of connection comes from.

We believe that relationships, deep ones, with family, friends and romantic partners are the arena for the realization of peace. In learning that it is possible to live this way with those we are close to, we become ever more capable of treating the greater group in the same way