Phil and Maude’s Favorite Blog Photos of 2023

Phil and Maude’s Favorite Blog Photos of 2023

Following our end-of-year tradition, here are our top 12 favorite photos from the blogs of 2023. Click on each one to see it full-size, or click on the link below the photo to read the blog or hear Phil reading it to you.

Two cats entwined
Why Full Acceptance Is The Way To Go

Two different species of heron together
How Acceptance is the Best Path to a Peaceful Relationship

Two people bowing
Why Respect is the Small Word With Big Importance in Relationships

Tree with face
How Your Acceptance Needs to Go Beyond the Words

Two flowers
How to Embrace the Differences in Your Relationships

Stonewall statues
Why Respect and Equality are so Important in Your Relationships

Woman and child laughing
What is it Like to Act With Love in Your Intimate Relationships?

Broken tiling showing interior
What is the Most Important Thing at the Core of Your Relationships?

Couple dining in the park
Why You Need a Balance of Being and Doing in Your Relationships

Bush in shape of a heart
Why Relationships Last: Acceptance, Acknowledgment, Appreciation

Rock on beach
How Do Presence and Acceptance Add to Your Relationships?

Couple walking in fog
How Can You Increase Quality Time in Your Relationship?

Photo credits: Various; see notes at the end of the individual posts

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7 Comments on “Phil and Maude’s Favorite Blog Photos of 2023

  1. Happy New Year, Maude… to a grand ’24 !!!
    I enjoy reading your blogs each Sunday morning with my coffee… a ritual + visit with you.
    Johan + I are great, living + enjoying our life in Mexico along with great travels…
    I wish you + Phil happiness always,

  2. I Love Every Photo!!

    Here’s to 2024, with 100% acceptance of and gratitude for all that arrives over the coming months!


  3. These would make a great calendar!
    Also , thank you for your weekly Blog. This planet is a better place because of it!
    Keep it goin in 24….Stay healthy and happy xxoo

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