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Can This Relationship Work? Learn More About the Spectrum of Acceptance

In our last blogs we’ve been talking about the Spectrum of Acceptance and Core Values which lie at one end of the spectrum.
Next on the spectrum are the areas of middle ground. These are places of divergence between you and your partner that have the potential of resolution.
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More Thoughts to the all Important Issue of Acceptance

In order to accept another person for who they are and how they act, it is important to feel secure in who you are yourself. I think to be in a successful relationship, you need to have spent time learning about yourself and be willing to go on with that learning.
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Change Your Words – Change Your Relationship – for the Better

We’ve written a guest post on a wonderful site called geekandjock.com. It is about the use of peaceful language within a relationship. These tips will be helpful for any relationship, not just couples, and we believe you will enjoy it as well as being able to use it.
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